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Marvelous Major Gunns

Major Gunn's Bio

Real Name: Tylene Buck

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Hair color: Blond

Eye color: Hazel.

Birthday: March 7

Shoe size: 7 1/2.

Dress size: 3.

She first debuted in WCW on January 10, 200 as an nWo girl. She then became a valet for Jeff Jarret, and then joined Midajah and Shirkira as a valet for Scott Steiner.

She then suddenly left the group to try her hand at being an announce girl. That was very very brief.

She was off WCW televsion for until she resurfaced as Major Gunns. She was in the MIA for a while, until being captured by Team Canada. MIA won her back, only to her have her turn on them, and join Team Canada later on down the road.

Since being fired from WCW, she has appeared in XPW, and has a show for the SCI-FI called Orital Broadcast One, in the works.

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