Nickey's Nitro Rant for October 30, 2000

Hello sports fans! Nickey here with her weekly Nitro Rant. Well this weeks Nitro comes off right after a riviting Pay Per View.

Show opens with the usuall Pyro and Tony's voice welcoming everyone to Nitro.

Jindrak and O'Haire make their way to the ring.

Billy, Rey Rey with Konnan and Tygress make thier way to the ring. Konnan and Tygress go to the announce table to sit with Tony Schiavone, Mark Madden, and Scott Hudson.

A match between the high flayers (Rey Rey and Kidman) against two men with power (Jindrak and O'Haire). The match was even, with Konnan cracking on Jindrak and O'Haire the whole time. The Dancing Fools make thier way to the ring and attack Rey Rey and Kidman. Jindrak and O'Haire make the pin for the win.

Sanders is talking to Kevin "I'm wearing red hat to cover my bad dye job" Nash backstage. Steiner comes up and gets in Sanders face, demanding a title shot against Booker tonight.

Kee Wee comes to the ring. He has a pink trashcan with him. Paisley is not with him. Will Someone please put this man in a slash fic?? He gets the mic and tells Reno he is angry for what Reno did to Paisley last week. Reno makes hs way to the ring and the fight for the Harcore Title begins. Kee Wee, and I'm starting to become a huge fan of this man, really takes this fight to Reno with his pink trashcans. The fight heads towards the back, and all the Natural Born Thillers, except Stasiak, beat up on Kee Wee. Reno heads back to the ring with Kee Wee and "Rolls the Dice" for the win. After he wins, the NBT contine to stomp on Kee Wee.

Mean Gene is in the ring, He introduces General Rection. MIA theme blares through the arena and Rection makes his way down to the ring. The Mia blares again, and the rest of them, including TYLENE AKA MAJOR GUNNS makes their way to the ring. Note: TYLENE LOOKS AWESOME!!!! They get in the ring and congradulate Rection. Rection takes the Canadian sticker off the US Title. Tylene looks damn good back in camouflage. He gives a great speech, talks about his daughters sitting at home watching their dad on television. The audience, Mean Gene, all the Wrestlers, Valets, Office Members like Arn Anderson, Jimmy Hart all came out from the back and clapped for Rection. I have tears of joy writing this now. Boringberg even came out and gave props to General Rection. The Nitro Tron lit up, and Lance opens his big mouth. and offered a challange to Rection for a one one one match for the next Pay Per View, Mayhem. He accepts and tells Lance to kiss his ass!

Shows everyone around the ring congradulating Rection.

The new WCW CEO's limo is shown, we still have no clue who the CEO is.

David Flair's music blares through the ring. David comes out with the results and we find out that Buff is NOT Stacy's baby's father.

Smooth comes out and tells David that when he gave David the tape, he never told David that Buff was the father. Smooth and David begin to have a match. Short match, Smooth wins.

Ok, so who is the baby's father? amn this storyline belongs ina daytime soap, not wreslting.

Jimmy Hart is seen making a challenge to DJ's all around the country to come and wrestle him on Nitro's. Jimmy Hart, ohhkayyyyyy.

Dancing Fools come to the ring. Oh God, Disco (I hate the new spelling of his name) has the mic. He says Sanders had them sent to the ring, and that they have no clue why they are out there. He starts with the rediculous "Who let the dogs out?" question again.

Boringberg's music plays. I go to the kitchen to get some Coke (the pop, not the drug). Even in my kitchen I can hear Boringberg blabbing about something. Who knows what he is saying, who cares.

I come back from the kitchen. The door to the new CEO's office is shown. It opens up and he makes his way t the ring, but only his shoes are seen.

Sanders makes his way to the ring. Is he the new CEO?? He is alreay the new Commish. He won that last night at Halloween Havoc last night. Ok, Tony says the CEO is on the way to ring, and Sanders is not it. Sanders is talking about how he beat The Cat last night. He also makes the match between Booker T and Awesome a three way between Awesome, Booker T, and Steiner. He also said he heard the rumor abut a new CEO, and all the new CEO is going to do is get him coffee. Then RIC FLAIR's music blares through the arena.

HOLY SHIT! The new CEO is RIC FLAIR!! Finally WCW has done something good! He rips Sanders a new one. Not only that, Flair makes a rematch between Sanders and The Cat. And he even stated no outside interference. Sanders leaves the ring. Ric remans in the ring and says that even though he is not wrestling even more, he is going to make WCW the best it is. He mentions Lex Lugar.

Jeff Jarrett's music blares through the ring. His mic is turned off. His mic is fianlly back on. He says that he took care of one legend last night, and that if Flair gets in his way, he will make it two for two.

Flair tells him that he is retired but that he is the boss. He adds a couple of his WHOO's in and audience WHOO along with him. I'm so glad Ric is back in WCW. But why does him and his son have the same damn haircut?? Can anyone tell me this??

Tony plugs the reply of Halloween Havoc as Lex Lugar's music plays. Lugar makes his way to the ring, without Liz. Seems the old guys are back. Next Hogan will return probably. Lugar has the mic, he talks about that the greats are back in WCW. He takes off his shirt, and Madden says that he has gained body fat. He tells Buff that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time last night. Lugar then states that he will be the next one to face Boringberg.

Buff's music blares through the arena. Buff challenge him for that night. Lex accepts, but wants to do it later that night after he gets his wrestling gear on. Buff says he has a ref with him, that he wants to do it right now. Buff runs to the ring and the men get it on in their street clothes. Short match, Buff gets put in the rack. Lex gets the mic and tells Boringberg that he is next. Ok, did anyone else but me notice where Lex's hand was when he put Buff in the Torture Rack? **grin**

Pamela "I refused to job in a bikini contest, even though my outfit wasn't a bikini and Tylene looked WAY better than me" Paulshock interviews Coach Nash and The Perfect Event. Stasiak appologizes for his actions as of late, and says that he is a Thriller. Nash Gives Polombo a spanking, Pam gives Stasiak and Nash each a spanking.

Kronik maes their way to the ring. Jo, I know you are popping at seeing this.

Perfect Event makes thier way to the ring, They get in the ring and Nash goes to the announce table.

The match begins, and for the first few minuts, the fans chant "We want Scott Hall!" See Seigal. Firing Hall was a HUGE mistake! Lots of action between the two teams. The action spills outside of the ring even. Stasiak gets pummled on the outside by a member of Kronik and Nash tells him to walk it off. He does. Stasiak walks all the way to the back, leaving Polumbo in the ring to get destroyed by Kronik.

The trainer is looking at Polumbo. Nash, Polombo, O'Haire, and Reno go looking for Stasiak. They pass Sanders who says "Coach, what about Teamwork?"

Pamela interviews Booker T about the three way match taking place later on that night.

Sanders makes his way to the ring

The Cat makes his way to the ring without Ms. Jones and cracks on Mark Madden,. He says he saw Madden butt naked in shower and that Madden's ass has so many dimples in it. I was dying. Even Tony had his face covered he was laughing so hard.

Very even match between the two. The Cat wins with the feliner. The Nitro Tron lights up and we see Shane "I'm a franchise in my own mind" Douglas. He tells the Cat that The Cat has been worrying so much about the Thrillers that he should be more worried about what happens in his own house. He then says that he has something of interest for The Cat. Before he can finish his thought, he recieves a slap form Ms. Jomes. He calls her a bitch and gives her a backbreaker.

Cat runs to the back and attends to her, and lays out a challenge for Douglas.

Pam interviews That 70's Guy Mike Awesome about the match that night.

Steiner's music blares through the arena. He makes his way to the ring, along with Midajah, who looks ALMOST as good as Tylene. He gets the mic, and I notice he has that god awful silver chain head cover on agian.

Booker T comes to the ring. The match begins and Awesome hasn't come to the ring yet. Pretty even match between Booker and Steiner. A few minutes later, That 70's Guy's music blares through the ring. Booker and Awesome work together agaisnt Steiner. Then Booker and Awsome go at it. Steiner back in the ring, and her goes after Booker. Midajah cheering on the outside. Awesome off the top rope and closelines Steiner. Usually I'm not into these three way matches, but I really want Awesome to win this one. Lots of action. Action spills out of the ring. Awesome and Stiener back in the ring. Booker back in the ring, buts sits in the corner, trying to catch his breath. Steiner is wearing both men down. Stienr applies the Steiener Recliener on Awesome. Booker T kicks him. Booker sends Steiner to the outside and gets the win over Awsome. After the match Steiner goes nuts, and Booker hepls Awesome to his feet. Booker gets the mic and tells Steiner that if he's man enough to get in the ring and finish it. Stiener doesn't get back in, and Booker says "Don't hate the player, hate the game." As the shows go off, Steiner comes out from the back.

Until next Week

Nickey xoxoxoxo