Nickey's Nitro Rant for November 13, 2000

Welcome everyone to another glorious week of Nitro!

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay, and Stevie Ray welcomes us to Nitro and we are see pyro all around. YES! NO MARK MADDEN TONIGHT! YES! And there is much rejoycing throughout the land.

That 70's Guy Mike Awesome, Crowbar, Booker T, The Misfits In Action, TYLENE, The Dancing Fools, Team Canada, Kee-Wee (Will someone PLEASE write a slash fic about this man?!?!), Paisley, The Cat, Ms. Jones, Tygress, Konnan, Kidman with Rey on his back (slash fic, slash fic anyone??) Bamm Bamm Bigelow, Kronik (Jo, I know you are watching this **smile**) Sting, Buff Bagwell, and Lugar come to the ring talking with one another like the "fued" they had just two weeks ago never happened. They are all standing around the outside of the ring.

Ric Flair's music blares through the arena as the new WCW CEO, Ric Flair makes his way down the aisle to a huge pop. He climbs in the ring and addresses the Londen England audiance. He announces that there will be a Lethal Lottery that night on Nitro. The four teams are That 70's Guy Mike Awesome and Bamm Bamm Bigelow, The Dancing Fools, Booker T and Lex Lugar, Sting and Scott Steiner. While the Flair is talking, the camera focus on some of the wrestlers around the ring. The camera did TWO closeups of Tylene! WOW DAMN GOD! Heel or face, it doesn't matter, Tylene is Sexy as hell! He mentions Steiner being in the Lethal Lottery, and we see that BPP is not at ringside. He calls out Steiner.

Sirens blares through the arena, Steiner runs in the ring and all the teams begin goingat it. Soon all the wrestlers that are at ringside climb in the ring and a big maylay breaks out.

The Natural Born Thillers are seen arriving to the arena.

Kanyon is seen talking to an announcer from the BBC. Big Vito comes and challenges Crowbar for the Hardcore Title.

Big Vito is in the ring and We hears Screams and loud music as Crowbar runs down the aisle. Fans, this is a hardcore match. These two men used trash cans lids, kendo sticks, chairs, tables, you name it. Match ended when Reno came in, hit Vito with a baseball bat and Crowbar made the cover.

Big Sexy is seen arriving to the arena. Hey, it looks like he got his hair fixed. It's back to normal now.

Mean Gene iss senn interviewing That 70's Guy Mike Awesome and Bammers. There seems to be some friction within this tag team.

The Natural Born Thrillers make their way to the ring. They climb in the ring and get major heel heat. Is it me, or does The Perfect Event look damn good tonight? They crack on Nash.

A wolf's howl is heard throughout the arena, and the crowd pops huge. Nash makes his way to the entrace way. A huge "We Want Hall" chant is heard. Sorry folks, that's not going to happen. Brad Seigal is to much of a irritating asshole that does not give a damn what the fans want, he will not hire Hall back. Prickfaced Bastard.

Sanders makes a four corners match between Nash, Stasiask, Polumbo, and O'Haire. Nash calls them all ladies. and I'm hoping for an whopping NBT orgy fic. Nash agrees to the match, and tells Stasiak that he will have his ass tonight. (Slash fic?? Slash fic anyone??)

Mean Gene interviews Sting about the Lethal Lottery that night.

Ms. Jones makes her way to The Cat's dressing room. Elix Skipper gets in her way and tries to flirt with her some more. She tells him he is not as over as The Cat is. The Cat opens his door, throws some kind of liquid in Elix's face and a challenge is made for that night on Nitro.

That 70's Guy makes his way to the ring. Then his tag team partner, Bamm Bamm Bigelow, makes his way to the ring.

Sirens blare througth the arena as Steiner, along with Midajah, who looks ALMOST as good as Tylene, makes his way to the ring. Sting's music, which is the best music in WCW, makes his way to the ring and the match is on. Pretty even match between the two teams. Sting and Steiner seem to be a cohesive unit. Steiner wins the match by putting Awesome in the Steiner Recliner. After the match, Bigelow attacks Awesome.

Another Jimmy Hart informercial ::yawn::

The Dancing Fools are seen paying Kronik to wrestle in their Lethal Lottery matches. Disco (I hate the new splling of his name) does not want to face Steiner.

Filthy Animals are seen watching the monitor. They call Flair over so he can see what the Dancing Fools just did. He goes to The Dancing Fool's dressing room and tells them that he has a surprise for them that night. Disco tells Flair's that it is his birthday.

Mean Gene is talking to Booker T about the matches that he will have that evening in the Lethal Lottery. He says that he does not his partner for the evening, Lex Lugar.

Mean Gene is seen talking to the MIA. After Rection makes his speech about how he will beat Lance Storm that night, the MIA walk off, Tylene stands there, makes a face, then puts her arm around Gene (lucky SOB he is) and follows the rest of the MIA.

Scenes from Battledome **yawn**

Kronik's music blares throught the arena. Jo, I know you have to be popping huge.

It's a little after nine o'clock I flip over to RAW for a minute, and I see Crash, along with Molly Holly walk down the aisle to face Angle. For all you WCW fans out there, Molly Holly is the former Mona, Miss Madness 99. I decide to leave it on RAW for this match only, seeing how I am a Mona (Molly) fan.

I turn back to Nitro as see that Kronik won. YAY! They are being interviewed in the back by Mean Gene. Adams says that if won of them wins the World Title, they both win.

The NBT theme blares through the arena as the they make their way to the ring.The crowd is booing heavily.

A wolf howl is heard. The crowd goes wild. This is more of a mugging than a match. Nash was able to take out Stasiak, Polumbo, and O'Haire at one point. Then Reno, Sanders, and Jindrak make thier way to the ring. They all gang up on Nash as "We Want Hall" is once again heard throgh the arena. Hey Seigal! Yeah, you, you asshole! Rehire Hall damnit!

I'M THE GRATEST! is heard as The Cat and Ms. Jones makes their way to the ring.

Elix's Skipper music blares as he makes his way to the ring. Pretty funny match, Skipper is paying more attention to Ms Jones, then he is to his opponent. The action spills to the outside and Ms Jones even gets a shot in. Skipper puts a ring on and goes to hit The Cat, but he misses and the Cat wins with the Feliner.

The Dancing Fools make their way to the ring, God I wish Disco would get rid of that god-awful hat.

Boringberg's music blares through the arena. Hmmm, I wonder who's gonna win this match?? I suddenly remember I have dusting to do in the other room.

I return to see Mean Gene interviewing Steiner and Midajah. Steiner has his god awful silver thing on his head again. Midajah, can you plesae tell thim that head gear is NOT attractive looking??

Lance Storm makes his way to the ring to some new music. He gets on the mic and tells Rection to leave his men in the back.

MISFITS IN ACTION! blares through the arena as General Raction, alsong with TYLENE, makes his way to the ring. Finally, the match I have been waiting for all night is on. WCW took long enough. The match starts, punches, kicks, techinical moves, blah blah. Tylene sure looks good though. The MIA and Team Canda come out and battle each other down the aisle. Rection goes to the top for a monsault and Tylene moves Storn out of the way and puts something in his hand. Tony then says "What is wrong with Major Gunns?" I then have a flashback to 1986. NWA World Title match: Dusty Rhodes vs. Ric Flair. Baby Doll is in Dusty's corner, but she helps out Flair. Tony asks "What is wrong with Baby Doll?" Strom applies the Canadian Maple Leaf. Rection is reaching for the ropes, but Tylene throws a towel in the ring. The ref rings the bell and the new US/Candian Champ and a very happy Tylene make their way to the back.

Mean Gene interviews Tylene and Storm. Tylene lifts her American Flag bikini over her head to reveal a Maple Leaf bikini. I said it once, I'll say it again. It deosn't matter if she is heel or face, she looks sexy as hell! She tells Gene she enjoys being Canadian.

Kronik makes thier way to the ring for the final match in the Lethal Lottery.

Sirnes blare thrugh the arena as Steiner makes his way to the ring with Midajah. Midajah goes and sits at the announce table.

Sting's music blares through the arena and the match is on. Pretty even match I would say. Even Midajah got involved by distracting and slapping Brain Adams. Sting dropkicks him out of the ring. Bryan Clarke is about to put him in the meltdown, but he reversed it and put Clarke in a Stinger death drop for the win. After the match, Steiner came in and beat on Sting with a steel chair. Booker T runs in and lays out both Steiner and Sting as the show ends.

That all for this week Nitro fans

Until next week..