Getting Screwed: by Nickey Fairchild

The wrestling industry has screwed Tylene Buck. Not once, not twice, but three times. Three different feds have taken advantage of, used, abused, or totally ignored this blond haired busty diva.

WCW - They had her train at the Power Plant, learn to wrestle. take bumps, and she was even involved in a few storylines. So what happened? Why did the WCW dump her, along with four other women, and keep the Nitro Girls? All the Nitro Girls did was dance, and we all know dancing has nothing to do with wrestling. Hell, this batch of Nitro Girls werenít even on TV. They should have been the ones to get the boot. Time Warner/AOL may defend themselves by saying they did it to ďsave moneyĒ. If they really wanted to save money, why didnít they fire the backstage trouble makers like Lex, Buff, and more importantly Scott Steiner, who had at time was facing assault charges. Why didnít they fire Goldberg. Iím sure Tylene wasnít making as much money as any of those guys. That is screw job number one.

WWF - We all know how much Vince McMahon likes to have pretty women working in his companies. From Trish, Lita, Molly, and Steph, to the XFL Cheerleaders. Now WWF has acquired the WCW. Well, it seems that right now Stacy Keibler (aka Miss Hancock) is the only diva in the new WCW. There are also rumors of Torrie Wilson and Kimberly Falkenburg returning to the WCW.

Now is my problem with is: On the special E! had on the Women of WCW last year, Torrie Wilson said that no one likes womenís wrestling. She also had the attitude like she didnít want to train at the Power Plant. Kimberly and Elizabeth disappeared from WCW television in the early summer of 2000, because when Russo wanted them to go train to take bumps and wrestle, they refused. Stacy Kiebler, although having two physical fueds the summer of last year (one with Daffney, and one with our diva), also had the attitude Torrie had. Or at least that is how she came across on the E! special.

Now Tylene has stated in interviews and in a WCW magazine article that she ENJOYS wrestling and she wishes she could do it more.

So why havenít the WWF hired her?? Why is Vince ignoring and overlooking the power of Major Gunns? I was vey suprised that WWF didnít pick her up after WCW heinously let her go. And Iím even more suprised that she is not in the new WCW, even though Stacy, Kimberly, and Torrie are. There you have screw job number twol

XPW - This is the fed that The Major is in at the moment. But if anyone read or heard about the last big show they had, Redemption, they will know how badly the booking team is screwing Tylene. She was to have a match against Lizzie Borden, who just happens to be the bossesís wife, on-screen and off. Now here is what really happened, Tylene was held down by two big men, while Lizzie spanked her. Now to me that is NOT a match. That was either a case of Lizzie Borden or her husband, Rob Black, booking the match so that Tylene would be humiliated and abused. We all know Tylene has some wrestling experience, and Iím going to take a wild guess and say that Lizzie probably hasnít wrestled a match one day in her career. So what better way to put herself over than to do something like that. I think that just because she is the bossesís wife, she still has no right booking matches the way she does. Hell, even the McMahonís job once in a while. Screw job number three.

Yes, the wrestling industry is taking advantage of Tylene Buck. May she one day screw them all back, just like they deserve.