Major Gunns' Major Distress: by Jeff Moeller

She is not a wrestling headliner---not even close, actually. She is barely even a wrestler, yet her popularity and fan base continues to grow in the big business of sports entertainment, an industry cluttered---not that men mind---wiith on good looking, leggy, 34-24-35 blond after another.

Yet for all the attention she has recieved from the fans, some feel that Major Gunns---who since debuting in WCW last year has turned more heads than Mike Awesome putting people through tables---has been little more than a pawn. It’s hard to refute that theory, as not long after Lance Storm invaded WCW and targeted the Gen. Rection-led Misfits In Action, she started to go through some very trying times.

Not everyone withiin the WCW community necessarily feels for Gunns, though. While it wasn’t her fault that she was “lost” by MIA to Team Canada as a result of Storm’s victoryover Rection on national television, not too many people came to her defense. As one story goes, she harshly critized Rection and his troops prior to the match while demanding to why she was at stake or in her own words, “the prize”.

But yes, that was Gunns, celebrating after being reunited, finally, with Rection, Cpl. Cajun, Lt. Loco, and Sgt. A-Wall after a grueling series of battles with Storm’s Team Canada, so it appears all is well with the Misfits today.

Unfortunatley, that might be overstating things a bit.

Sources tell INSIDE WRESTLING that there is still some lingering resentment on Gunns’ part over what she perceived to be a lack of effort by Rection to get her out of Team Canada immediately. In turn, Rection reportedly accused Gunns of placing a little too much emphasis on how miserable she was and trying to make the war between the two factions as much about her as it was about national pride and the prestigious WCW U.S. title.

When pressed, Gunns even admitted there were problems. though she tried to downplay them.

“Gen Rection winning that U.S. titlewas really, really awesome,” she said the day after Halloween Havoc, “I wanted to be the first one to give him a hug, because he deserved that, and now we’re all back together. I just hope this is pretty much over now. Everybody wants me to be their property. I expected that from Lance Storm and all, but sometimes even the guys in MIA forgot that I’m a person, not a prize. I want everyone to remember that from here on.”

One WCW veteran told INSIDE WRESTLING he picked up on some tension between Gunns and the rest of the MIA months ago.

“Did you notice MIA’s effort, or lack of there really, to get her back?” asked one WCW veteran. “At first, I thought getting her back was their top priority. Then it began to look like it was a lot less of a focus, and that was fairly obvious to everyone in the back. I mean, even though she has been in WCW for a while, you have to wonder whether she can be trusted or whether she’s a true team player. I think a lot of people---MIA included---need to ask themselves those tough questions.

Interesting, becuase this is not the first time Gunns has been alienated in WCW.

She broke into WCW as one of the NWO girls, though her run was relately short, as that faction’s much-hyped reformation fizzled about as quicly as a Steve Blackman promo. However, in that limited role, Tylene Buck did enough to impress Vince Russo and other top WCW execs. Soon “Major Gunns” was born, and ever since, she has been da bomb with wrestling fans.

She insists she appriciates all the cheers she gets, all the attention those at ringside pay to her whenever she’s seconding a member of the MIA.

“The support we’ve gotten is great, especailly since we won the U.S. belt,” she said. “And like I said, I am behind Gen. Rection and the other guys regardless of the rumors. They have been so supportive of my career and have been willing to give me the spotlight. I really just wish this whole Lance Storm-Canadian expercience was behind me.”

That “Lance Storm-Canadian experience” as she put it, has definitely put Gunns to the test, both physically and mentally. It has even challanged her patriotism. with Storm going as far as trying to force her to publically renounce her loyalty to the United States.

Perhaps by continuing to work at the WCW Power Plant to improve on her mat skills, Gunns can prove to her naysayers that she’s in wrestling---and with the MIA---for the long run. With just a little sticktoitness, Gunns might be able to elimate the remaining bitterness and mistrust.

“I always made an effort to be happy,” she said, “even after Lance Storm and those guys basically kidnapped me. I didn’t want to sit around and be miserable all the time. I knew it would work out in the end. I kept helping these guys even though I was supposed to do whatever Team Canada told me to do. It just took so long for me to get back to where I think I belong. No person should be put up for grabs in a match.”

Let’s hope the other members of the MIA believe that now, too.