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Major Gunns, aka Tylene Buck, got her first break into WCW as an nWo Girl. With successful runs with the nWo, MIA, and Team Canada, Tyelene was a true superstar and her recent relase from WCW came as a shock to many.

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Who was most instrumental in bringing you into wrestling?

Well, the ones who really brought me in were Vince Russo and Terry Taylor. Terry Taylor came down in December of '99 to LA and they were looking for girls to come in for wrestling. I went down there for the interview, they had roughly 20 girls down there, and they were only going to be taking 6 or so. I was chosen. When I came into wrestling, I already had a name from the fitness industry, automobile industry, and mainstream modeling. I already had an established and known name, which I brought into the federation.

How long do you think you'll be involved in wrestling?

Right now, as you know, they released us girls. I have a lot of projects that I'm doing on my own. I'm working on a fitness show, now I can concentrate on it full-time. The other day I got a movie offer that I want to start in April for FX TV playing a teacher ... I'm in the process of doing more backyard wrestling videos ... you know, the ones on Howard Stern, you probably know about them. I'm in the process of getting my own videos, calendars, and posters. I'm just really, really busy right now.

Who trained you to wrestle?

Vince Russo wanted us girls to get more involved that just being a valet, I wanted that too. He wanted to get us more involved, I was all for it, so we went to the Power Plant in Atlanta, and Madusa trained us. Mike Graham and Paul Orndorff were other teachers. Madusa trained us girls, which was really tough. She was definitely not easy. You are going to take some bumps and bruises and I did that. When you first start, you need to learn to take a back bump, I did that and we had to run ropes ... when I learned to run ropes, I was black and blue on one side of my body. I learned that, sunset flips, my signature move, dropkicks.

How many matches did you do for WCW?

Stacy and me had a match backstage and then we went into the ring. Paisley, and me we had a match. Ms. Jones and me had a bit of a match. I've had probably ... full matches in the ring ... basically me and Stacy for a full match.

What injuries have you suffered due to wrestling?

Actually, Paisley, and me we were going over a match before the show. Paisley was supposed to do a backflip and give me an elbow. I was in the turnbuckle and there were other people in the ring at the time when we were going over our match, she didn't have enough room ... so anyway, her feet landed right on my chest. I hit the turnbuckle, slid down, and I was out of air. They rushed me to the hospital, I had a few vertebrae out of place, so I came home, went to my chiropractor. That's my most major one.

When you first came into WCW, you were with the NWO. What did you think about that whole gimmick?

At first, it was nice. It was fun to get into WCW, but it wasn't the way I wanted to be used the whole time, just like a fluff girl. I wanted to be more involved, get into the ring. It was good to get started, but I wanted more. I probably did that for four months and our storyline was played out, I sat at home, and then they gave me a call and they asked me if I had combat boots, camouflage this and that ... I'm like ... no... what are you thinking? They say, bring the boots, we have the rest of the outfit. That following week I went to the show, they said here are the guys you'll work with ... Hugh Morrus, Lash LeRoux, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Van Hammer was with us at the time ... and they're like ... you're going to be MIA, Misfits in Action.

When I came in, they're like ... what are we going to call you? I called my husband, I asked him. At first, the bookers wanted to call me Torpedo Girl ... I'm like, no, that's out of the question. That's not going to fit. So we racked our brains, they come up with Major Gunns, it stuck. Then bombs away came up, beating up guys, giving guys CPR, the whole thing. After that, my character took off, the fans liked me.

How did you like that gimmick?

I liked it a lot, the guys were great to work with. I didn't know a whole lot about wrestling, and the guys were really great to work with. They took time with me, helped me in the ring, taught me the lingo. We really worked hard together to get the MIA over, everyone loved it. The fans loved it. It was going over great. We were all together for some months ... then they wanted to start throwing in some different things, have us going against each other. They wanted me to be the first, so they started our run with Team Canada. That's when I went against Hugh Morrus which got me out of MIA, the fans were upset. I was only supposed to go to Team Canada for a short while, like a spy, and come back. As the storyline was being played, Vince Russo left, and they decided to just leave me with Team Canada. The bookers didn't want to listen to the fans, and they should've.

Overall, how did you feel about how you were used?

I was really happy with things in the MIA, the guys all treated me as an equal, involve me with their ideas, they listened to my ideas. So we all worked really well as a team. I really enjoyed that so much. Overall, with the company, they didn't want to hear what the girls had to say. I think a woman has as much right as a man to say what they have to say. I think it's too bad they did what they did.

What brought about the end?

Towards the end, with Team Canada, as you know they had new people to come in and run the show. They wanted to bring in older wrestlers, older storylines. I'm really upset the way they stopped building up new stars. Since the company got taken over, they don't want to bring in new talent. They want to go back to their roots. The WWF always bring in new people, they have good looking girls that can wrestle. WCW kinda cut all that out. I don't see the company lasting too much longer.

Since then, have you been contacted by WCW or WWF?

I haven't been contacted from WWF. A lot of other wrestling people have contacted me, but right now I'm staying home, my new home I just bought, working on my new projects. I might be doing some more videos, go down to LA, Howard Stern shows, cover of Playboy, stuff like that.

When you were first growing up, did you think you would be involved in wrestling? How did you first get into the fitness model scene?

As a small girl, I watched Wrestling like Hulk Hogan, I always thought it was really neat. I thought you needed to know someone to get in or if I could get into it. When I first got into modeling, I was in the Automobile magazines, on the cover. After that, fitness photographers and other people in the industry wanted to get me into the industry, so then I started doing different layouts -- I'll be starting that up again -- and then after doing that, that's when Terry Taylor and Vince Russo saw me in the magazines, they were following me for quite a few years.

Did you ever go to college?

I never went to college. I thought about doing that later, but right now, everything is too busy. I have been thinking of getting into Real Estate.

Finally, do you have anything to say to the fans?

Thanks for all your love, support, emails, everything. I really enjoy it, thanks for following my career and the mags and everything. I just want to tell them thanks so much and they'll see me again soon somewhere.